A Prayer for a time like this

I have no doubt that God loves us all. His word tells us that He loved us so much that He gave His only son as a sacrifice; providing an opportunity for us all to reside in perfect fellowship with Him.

I need not pray for God to show His love and compassion for us during this difficult time.

I do, however, feel a strong need to pray that we all will demonstrate the God-like love and compassion that He has shown and continues to show us. I pray:

That we will all follow common sense.

That we place the needs and safety of others above our selfish desires to pursue risky courses of action.

That we develop a God-like attitude of love for all humankind, not pointing fingers of division at any group.

That when any nation is attacked by this virus, we’re all being attacked.

That hoarding and preparing to protect our bounty, where there’s no threat to life, with violence is not the way.  

That we take this time to connect with family, friends and neighbors in meaningful ways.

That we sincerely pray for our political leaders, although we might not be of the same party stripe.

That each of us takes account each day of this crisis to realize that if you’re still here, you’re blessed.

That we realize this crisis should be a lesson to us that we’re not in control.

That we realize the coronavirus has no respect of persons.

That a vaccine, indeed a cure is found quickly, and that no one capitalizes economically on its development.

That the lessons learned from this experience will not be forgotten.


I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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