Maybe we need a star trek?

the enterprise

I think I’ve written about the science fiction franchise Star Trek once or twice somewhere on these pages. It’s a wonder I haven’t written more than that since I’ve been a Trekie for all the fifty-four years since this on-going tale of galactic encounters first hit the small screen. There was something uniquely appealing about this tv show when I first saw it. I was living as a sixteen-year old in dusty, poor Cross County Arkansas. This show presented an image of a future where poverty, racial animus and all the human flaws which prevent us from realizing our fullest potentials had been eradicated. This was too powerful of a fantasy to discard. Nineteen sixty-five was a time of discord in America when many social and political occurrences were coming into their own: the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war, the Hippie consciousness. Not unusual in any form, the world was hiccupping in its own contemporary fashion as it has throughout history whenever some political or social consciousness rises to the fore. We see examples now in Hong Kong and Iraq, places where one would think people would have some hesitancy about marching in the streets. However, when folks are sick and tired of being tired, they throw life and limb into the wind.

I’m one of those people who can converse deeply and philosophically about Star Trek. The connectivity between all the tv shows and movies is clear to me. I’m also one of those people who saw more than science fiction in the show from day one. How can a sixteen-year old back in 1965 not be fascinated by a world where humans have finally figured out, to an overwhelming degree, how to be humans; demonstrating care and respect around the planet that’s been needed for eons? Not only have we learned how to live together harmoniously, we have ventured into the far reaches on our universe, seeking communion with other species of sentient beings. Most of the isms that have plagued humanity since the time of the garden have been eliminated.


In the Star Trek world, humanity has coalesced and formed a never-before whole, strengthening itself to withstand enemies from outside its home world. Politics as we know it today are passé. Money and the enticement for evil endeavors are no more. Can’t you see how this picture of peace and harmony, short of the second coming of Christ would be pleasant to the senses of a poor sixteen-year old during a time when America was seemingly come apart at the seams? Maybe we do need a little star trek today, or a little of the social and political consciousness fanaticized by it at least.

vulcan salute

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

Have you come face to face with life yet?

Facing life 1

Are you alive? You’re probably saying that’s a dumb question. I’m reading this, so I must be alive. My friend, I’m not asking you this question simply to determine whether your heart is beating or that your lungs are inhaling and exhaling air. The old saying that starts with the words “life comes at you…” is based in some degree of experience you’ve never had before. It usually occurs when some calamitous event visits you when least expected.

My pastor recently preached a sermon based on the book of Job. Job was a man God considered most righteous. His righteousness was a thorn in the side of Satan. Being highly motivated to do his job well, Satan secured permission from God to interject some horrible misfortunes into Job’s life. For those of you familiar with the story, you know Job lost all his children, his cattle, his home, in fact all that God had blessed him with, except his wife and a few judgmental friends. From the ancient text (the Bible), it’s made abundantly clear that Job lost all, of what we today would call, those things that make some look at with profound envy. Even the Jones’ would lose their position of being the standards for material gain by which others would measure their achievements.

Facing life 2

There are people in society who seem to have it all. They were born into the perfect family. They always had adoring friends, graduated high school and college at the top of their class, had no problem establishing great careers, and the rains of good fortune just seemed to be in the forecast at all turns. But then as with Job, everything takes a southward direction, resulting in stresses and strains they didn’t see coming. The feasts they have been enjoying for so long finally morphs into famine, and they’re not prepared to cope. It’s at that point that their health might have collapsed, or they might have lost all the material gain with which they’ve been blessed. Chapters in life like this are when you’re forced to look life dead in the face. You can’t continue to skip happily through the tulips without a care. You must pay attention.

Life has many hues. It’s always there; however, oftentimes we don’t take stock. We don’t recognize that our good fare comes by way of God’s blessings and not by anything we’ve done. Life is more than the reflection produced by our decaying accomplishments. In order to live it fully, one must make the effort to recognize all that goes into it to make it what it is. It takes this kind of thinking, this kind of consciousness to experience an introduction to life, and to begin living it as one should, being mindful and thankful.

Facing life 3

Job came face to face with life, when he realized that God provided it, sustained it and provided all the good things that make life grand. Take some time, take inventory of all you’ve been provided, no matter the amount. Let life introduce itself to you before a calamity comes knocking.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.