Daily Prompt: Broken

I had a conversation with someone recently, whom I shall not name. This person reads my blogs, so there’s  a better than good chance they’ll see this piece. The Daily Prompt: Broken moved me to write what I’m feeling at the moment. I’m feeling strongly about the word “broken” as it relates to relationships.

Humans do a variety of things that result in brokenness. Often, there’s no consciousness that the actions they take might result in broken relationships later. A young girl, who is stressed beyond her capacity to make important life decisions at the time, might choose to give her child up for adoption. This action isn’t taken lightly at all. It’s the only option that makes sense (now). An option that might provide a better life for the new-born. Later, the child all grown up, by the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances,  discovers her biological mother. Contact is made, the biological mother experiences reserved excitement, only to realize this contact was to make it known her actions from years ago were unforgivable. She’s faced with wondering why was she contacted? Unforgiveness served upon a platter of judgment no one should be asked to eat. The chance of a good relationship developing is broken before it gets started.

Brokenness in relationships can developed via intentionality, misunderstanding, or due to any number of circumstances. It can happen on a one-on-one basis, as previously mentioned, between groups of people, even between nations. The citizens of America are currently experiencing a sense of brokenness. Political events of the past year have resulted in friends, families and communities assuming hard positions on certain ideas. Entrenched in their positions, people aren’t always having civil conversations at the dinner table, in town halls, on social media.

Brokenness resulted in a civil war in our nation. Brokenness is the antithesis of what we all need, and what most of us desire. It’s remedy starts with listening earnestly, talking across lines of division and respecting each other like never before. It’s not easy  to do this. It will hurt; however, as the old adage goes: There’s no gain without pain.

I’m old and blessed…hope you’ll be too.