Ad nauseum

What follows is something I drafted on April 5. Donald Trump was in court facing a variety of charges handed down by a grand jury. I thought I would have more to contribute to this; however, after a month, I’m left with only this. It sums up my feelings about the media and its sometimes success at boring me to death with what’s not news.

Yesterday Donald Trump was in court facing the thirty counts of crimes he is alleged to have committed. I was out running errands, listening to the media circus on my car radio. The experience of listening to this event was not without suffering. The commentators/reporters repeatedly gave the same worthless information. I see no value in knowing that Trump was wearing his signature dark suit and red tie. I had to listen to the following far too many times: Trump is facing an array of crimes no other American president has before; there was an absence of protesters expected to be present supporting Trump; there was an eight or nine car caravan delivering Trump to the courthouse. The list of useless mentions went on and on. There was nothing newsworthy to report, thus reporters consumed airtime with frivolousness.

Yes, I know I could have changed the station or turned off the radio. I did eventually; however, not before I had to pencil a few notes about my experience.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

One thought on “                            Ad nauseum

  1. rangewriter May 4, 2023 / 9:02 am

    Indeed. All’s gone quiet while the DeSantis tries to make himself look even more racist and narrow-minded than Trump. We know that if you are I or any of our friends/family committed even one of the crimes this sorry excuse for a man is accused of, we’d be rotting in jail. I need to just stop, because I feel my blood pressure rising.


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