I had to reblog this one. I also posted it to my Facebook page. During time when things moved at a slower rate than they do today, this blog shows that the week between Palm Sunday and the date at the cross was chalked full of activities.

It was the most incredible week. The city of Jerusalem was filled to capacity and beyond. People had come from all over the country to celebrate the Passover. Jesus entered the city gates on the back of a donkey to cries of Hosanna to the Messiah – the son of King David – the rightful heir to his kingdom. Even though they honored Him with praises and the waving of palms, they would soon be screaming for His death. Behind closed doors, one of His own disciples was making arrangements to turn Jesus over to the leaders of the Pharisees. Jesus would continue His ministry in His earthly kingdom – turning the attention of His followers to the Kingdom of Heaven. Those closest to Him were told He would soon be leaving, and they couldn’t understand.

In that week – that very holy week – Jesus turned over the merchants’…

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