There are consequences to making the Devil proud

Several years ago, I made Facebook posts of upcoming Sunday school lessons. I’ve been a Sunday school teacher for over thirty years. I found these synopses of the lessons, that I posted on Saturdays, were effective at recruiting people to Sunday school. The following is a summary I posted on June 12, 2016. I’m not sure these summaries will work as blogs, but here goes.

Sunday school lesson for June 12, 2016

I remember days when I was but knee-high to a grasshopper. Those were days of carelessness, fueled by overwhelming desire to just have fun. There was no other calling so compelling, except to just have fun. Oftentimes, that drive ushered me into activities that made the Devil proud. Fortunately for me, my momma would-at times-show a bit of grace. She would make it clear that my behind probably should once again be connected to a fresh switch from the Weeping Willow in the front yard. It was at those times she would say, “I ought to whip your behind;” however, instead she would say, “If you do that again…”

The lesson for tomorrow reminds me somewhat of the preceding bit of remembrances. We’ll be looking at an account from Zephaniah 3:1-8. Here the prophet is letting the people, in particular the leaders of society, know that they were doing things that made the devil proud. God was not pleased, and He would reign down punishment, even on His chosen people (the Israelites), as He had done on other nations, not in His chosen group. The message God gave the Israelites through the prophet Zephaniah is clearly appropriate for our leaders today, and the dire consequences will be the similar.

If you sit in on this class tomorrow morning, you’ll see that we are in a repeat production of what the people were performing during Zephaniah’s time.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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