Reasons for why I’m old and blessed

Color ribbon for Multiple Myeloma

Occasionally, I like to take stock for why I consider myself blessed. The handle I’ve assigned to my blog wasn’t done without some serious reflection. The following is a link to an article published in the Myeloma Magazine. This is a publication of the Winthrop Rockefeller Cancer Institute, University of Arkansas for Medical Science. This is a bit unusual for a blog post; however, I often look for ways to share my cancer journey, in hopes that it will provide encouragement for others who might be going through some kind of arduous challenge in life.[0]=AT3LVV8H-KVy1aCW2iOcb5WddC0OO2uv7nkI50Upl0ZQnYEMfhwUindfqfywul48P4yn1ktf8jpn51OjfBfNJct73yqYf-fR_fFUttrB-FXJst2n6KKtZ6I2eJodY9-qI_aO2-bjgN0mWP_Tl3S5R4bczfGetxu9hkA

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