Dogwoods in Arkansas

You can tell that spring has sprung in Arkansas when the White Dogwood trees have stepped onto the stage to show their beauty. I’ve always enjoyed these trees willingness to make the move early as soon as warm days begin their annual stroll around the clock.

The Dogwood’ s blossoms, though beautiful, they don’t linger exceptionally long. They display their glory quickly. If you wish to photograph them, don’t think about doing it, because you’re thinking may prevent you from capturing their beauty.

The ones on display here are located on the grounds of the Heritage Baptist Temple church, Little Rock, Arkansas, which is on the route I sometimes take going home. I’ve taken pictures of these trees, infrequently, during spring and fall. They continue to cause me to stop on my ride home.

 I hope you find them as captivating as I.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

4 thoughts on “                  Dogwoods in Arkansas

  1. catterel April 1, 2022 / 7:51 am

    Those are magnificent! Here, too, trees are blooming – though we now have rain and snow is forecast so that will sadly dash many of the lovely blossoms. Transient beauty hurts.


  2. CG April 1, 2022 / 8:00 pm

    this is my first introduction to Dogwoods. Wonderful!


  3. rangewriter April 4, 2022 / 7:07 pm

    Little Rock is a couple of weeks ahead of Boise. Thanks for sharing.


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