Gene Roddenberry’s dream is good medicine for today

Lately, I’ve been blogging some of the posts I’ve made to Facebook. Here’s one I did back on February 28, 2015, the day after Leonard Nimoy died.   Some of you may know that I’m Star Trek fan from the day it was first shown on television.  Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the original Star Trek, came up with something that has held my attention for fifty-six years.   

I can clearly recall in 1966, when I developed a strong affinity for Star Trek, many of my hormone-raging friends saw no value in the show. The term nerd wasn’t popular back then, but I’m sure many would have applied it to me. The death of Leonard Nimoy yesterday, got me thinking about how Star Trek dealt with many of the prevailing social issues of the times: war, prejudice, cultural diversity, and just about every cultural conflict that was contemporary. I think the reason I liked the show so much was that it dealt with an imaginary time in the future when many of the social ills we were facing in the sixties had been successfully tackled. Many, but not all. The reality was that if sentient beings dealt with each other relationally, there would still be conflict.

Spock was particularly fascinating because he was different in so many ways, yet his differences didn’t prevent him from doing his best. The problems others had with him was just that, their problems.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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