I’m not sure what spirit this is?

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t purchase the biggest, most expensive, hard-to-find Christmas gift for anyone. I think I’ve come to realize that being thoughtful about what you give a person is more important that what the price tags says. With that thought out of the way, I bought gifts for everyone on my Christmas shopping list early this year. Getting out a few weeks before Christmas, evading the hustle and bustle, which isn’t good for my old, easily frayed nerves.

Although my Christmas shopping has been done, I still find that I must get out to run an errand or two. A couple of days ago I took to the streets to do just that. I must have been out of my mind. I could have sworn there were people out there whose mission it was to ruin my Christmas spirit, and they all were driving.

Of course, there are people meandering recklessly during every major holiday season; however, there’s something distinctly different about the mad crowd that takes to the streets this time of year. This trip I took a couple of days ago, was a perfect example of why I should stay home during the week leading up to Christmas. One lady, I’m being presumptive here, was following me so close I could have seen whether she was wearing eye shadow. The only reason I couldn’t is because I’ve been suffering from severe dry-eye syndrome. I saw two drivers navigate their way around long lines of traffic by illegally using the left-turn lane way before they should have, and they made no effort to make a left turn. Do you know those red, octagonal traffic signs with the word stop on them? The last I heard they were strategically placed where they are for drivers to stop. I didn’t get the memo advising everyone during the Christmas holiday season that you can simply ignore these. My little trip afforded me the opportunity to stop counting the number of drivers I saw ignore stop signs.

And then there are the speed freaks. I have a habit of saying a driver must be rushing to put out a fire whenever I feel as though I’m standing still when passed. This is especially the case when I’m driving five miles above the speed limit, and my fellow denizens are passing me doing at least fifteen miles faster than I. I can only assume this time of year that the reason for such speed is they’ve received word that the store is about to run out of that most popular toy; the one their kid has been bombarded with in tv commercials since before Thanksgiving.

I’m sure you have crazy shopping and driving stories to share for Christmas Holiday season, and I’m sure you do the same as I. You keep your spirits bright and with the greatest of intentions, keep in mind the real reason for this season.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

2 thoughts on “          I’m not sure what spirit this is?

  1. singlikewildflowers December 25, 2021 / 1:42 am

    Holiday traffic is out of control and people are on a mission to get the best sales/ presents. Merry Christmas and stay safe!


  2. rangewriter January 2, 2022 / 11:23 pm

    Oh yes, I recognize this behavior. I usually have all my shopping done by October. I’m well schooled in this by having relatives in Germany. Back in the day when we could still mail stuff by boat (ie, affordably) you had to get the packages to the PO by early to mid October for them to arrive in time. I’ve sort of stuck to that routine, even though the pacakges fly much faster now…faster actually than a letter gets across town. 🙄 And I love that since I’m retired, I don’t have to go anywhere across town in December. I can walk to the grocery store. The roads are filled with maniacs in December.


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