Your story is important

This is a blog I posted three years ago. It just popped up in my memories on my Facebook page. I thought it worthy of reposting.

I hope it inspires you to tell your story.


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In our times, blogs are being written, books are being published, talk shows are being produced in what seems to be enumerable measure. Most, if not all, of these public presentations are touting aspects of someone’s story. Have you ever thought about why someone’s story is worthy of publication, and another person investing time to soak it in? It would seem obvious; however, I don’t think most of us give much thought to the fact that that’s one of the most valuable commodities we have, our stories. Have you ever found yourself mesmerized as you listen to someone share details of some dramatic moment in their life?

There was a time, before our digitized age, when people sat around some point of reference: a fireplace, the city gate, the dinner table to share stories. Stories carried valuable information. They gave people a sense of belonging…

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2 thoughts on “Your story is important

  1. JLem August 15, 2021 / 11:52 pm

    I am part of your perspective; not sure that my story is worthy of pen to paper. But, however, I’m taken aback to read a story that has mirrored my thoughts exactly. Occasionally, it’s like, I’v dictated a story and someone else took the credit.

    Thanx for sharing your perspective on this subject again. It gives me something to think about. Live To Live (LTL), Oldandblessed!

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