I Used to be Ashamed of my Disability. Not Anymore.

I had to reblog this one. It touched me on so many levels. Thanks to the Wheelchair Teen for sharing her story.

The Wheelchair Teen

Me this morning, feeling good XD

Hey, guys! I’ve been feeling especially proud this week and determined – determined to speak up and make a difference. I recently watched the disability history documentary called Crip Camp (of which my review is coming soon!) and it reminded me of how much beauty and pride there is to be found in being disabled. I used to be ashamed of my disability, which isn’t surprising – it’s almost an inevitable feeling if you grow up alongside modern media and don’t encounter many other disabled people in your life. There are so many things society says that we should be ashamed of, including simply being who we are.

Here is a list of five things I used to be ashamed of due to my disability and how I’ve learnt to be proud of them and own them instead:


1. Having a Stairlift


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3 thoughts on “I Used to be Ashamed of my Disability. Not Anymore.

  1. Linda Lee/Lady Quixote May 29, 2021 / 4:00 pm

    I LOVE Simone. ❤


  2. thewheelchairteen May 29, 2021 / 5:49 pm

    🙂 This reblog means the world, I’m happy that you enjoyed it so much that you felt like sharing it. ❤


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