Your comfort is undeniable

I’ve been giving a considerable amount of thought about how I could pay the proper homage to you. You came into my life continually some fifty years or so ago. Before that time, you were an occasional visitor. I really didn’t need you as much then; however, the short forays I made into the comfort zones you provided gave me an enjoyable respite each time. There was a time, during my early childhood to young adult years when I barely gave thought to you. Others, more privileged, had the joy of your company at those times when your comfort was most needed. Of course, being raised in a poor family, who could barely survive hand to mouth, you were one of those dreams I would conjure whenever I indulged in fantasies of a better life.

I was raised during a time when the people in the community to which I belonged couldn’t appreciate you. As a matter of fact, many thought you were an unnatural additive to the formula of life. These folks could just as well live life without you. They weren’t brought up with you in their lives; therefore, acclimation to you never occurred. I can even remember my grandfather saying on more than one occasion that he could stand you but for a short while. He was always anxious to quickly rid himself of your presence whenever you would saunter into his life. I couldn’t quite understand his sentiment, but I never argued with him. Kids back then never argued with their elders. We were brought up that way. Being a grandparent now, I often wonder what it would be like to have grand kids, and kids for that matter, who demonstrated those kinds of respectful attitudes, regardless of how out of touch I might appear at times.

Excuse my diversion into the generational dynamics that don’t occur anymore. Let me get back to discussing this friend of mine, who has become an important companion in my life. Reverting to the second person manner of speaking, it’s obvious that you have had a rather interesting developmental history, with many milestones along the way. You started to share your blessings on more folks during the decade of the 1940’s. Once I realized that, I began to understand why my grandparents-accounting for them being poor-couldn’t appreciate you.

We’re going through a time now, when the Coronavirus is brutally capturing all news headlines. I can’t turn on CNN, MSNBC, NPR of any other news outlet, local or national, without hearing horrible statistics about the devastation being visited upon the world by Covid-19. But you, my friend, are there with me 24/7, making the absurd amount of time I’m having to spend at home all the more bearable. Without you, living in the southern part of the United States during this time of year would be tortuous. From the weather forecast for the next ten days, your contribution to my enjoying a comfortable life is most welcomed. I even find myself praying for your continued operational health. You make being cocooned in my humble abode a comfortable, cool, and welcomed experience. Without reservation, I pay unfettered homage to you, my faithful air conditioner.  I trust you to be with me in the miserable heat and humidity of Arkansas from now through the end of September. Of course, there have been times when you have been needed well into October.

I’m old and blessed (@ 95° Fahrenheit/35° Celsius) …hope you will be too.

5 thoughts on “Your comfort is undeniable

  1. Lady Quixote/Linda Lee July 20, 2020 / 5:12 am

    I love this!

    Here in New Mexico, our outdoor temperatures frequently reach the triple digits, beginning in the late spring and continuing into the fall.

    Last year, on the 5th of September, after yet another day of scorching 100+ degree heat, I got down on my face on the floor and begged God to please provide a way for us to have central air conditioning installed in our house. Our two window AC units weren’t nearly powerful enough. We did not have the money to buy another window unit, let alone central air.

    While on my face last September 5, I prayed something like this:
    “Nothing is impossible with You, Father God! I know that our air conditioning problem is very insignificant, compared to all the other problems in the world that need Your attention. I don’t want You to take away from anyone else, in order to answer my prayer. But I know that You are a big enough God to answer my request, and still take care of everything and everyone else that needs Your attention. Father, You know that my husband and I have tried our best to figure out a way to get the money needed for central air conditioning, but we haven’t been able to do it. It’s impossible for us, but I know it is possible for You. If it’s Your will, Lord — I only want central air, if it is Your will! So, if it is Your will, Father, please provide a way for us to have central air conditioning installed in our house, As Soon As Possible. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray. Thank You, God. Amen.”

    A day and a half later, on the morning of September 7, all of the money that we needed to have central air installed in our home — plus about $1,000 extra — came to us, from a totally unexpected source.

    Right now, our new central air conditioning is keeping us comfortable through this 2020 heat wave. Praise God for His great goodness, mercy, and LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • oldandblessed July 20, 2020 / 4:51 pm

      Thank God! I’ve been to the Southweat a few times during the summer. Folks always told me that it’s dry heat, not as bad as what we suffer in the South. Folks are wrong.

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      • Lady Quixote/Linda Lee July 20, 2020 / 8:58 pm

        I agree with you! The heat in the oven is dry, but it burns just the same. And when we have our monsoon seasons, which we have been having lately, we get the humidity, too.


  2. lewbornmann July 20, 2020 / 7:08 pm

    Living here in northern California, many people in other parts of the country seem to think all of California is beaches and sun. We do have the sun…. It was 109 yesterday and our temps have exceeded 100 almost everyday for past couple of weeks and will do so through most of August.

    I grew up in central New Jersey and like you, pre-air conditioning. I started college in central Florida — pre-air conditioning. I went through flight training near the Gulf in southern Texas — pre-air conditioning. College in Indiana — pre-air conditioning. Grad school — pre-air conditioning. ….

    While I’m not sure when air conditioning finally arrived, it is something for which I will always be grateful.


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