A resurrected mind for Easter 2020

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Tomorrow is Easter/Resurrection Sunday 2020. This will be like no other Easter Sunday that I’ve ever experienced, if memory serves me correctly. On Resurrection Sunday, many Christians around the world will be locked down, in their homes because of the Coronavirus. What an irony. What a contrast to what Easter Sunday represents. To me it represents freedom. Christ had been locked down since Friday afternoon, after his body was carried to a borrowed tomb and a stone was rolled into place to cover the entrance. But we in the Christian community know that he didn’t stay there. On Sunday morning early something happened that changed the history and the experience of being a human forever.

I won’t be able to go to my house of worship to revel in the annual celebration of the resurrection Jesus Christ. I, along with those whose churches have the technical capability, will be watching Easter service on my computer. A few members of my congregation will go to the church, the place where we normally meet, and they will conduct a service for many of us to see. It won’t feel the same. I will probably feel a sense of being restricted. I will not be able to freely transport myself to my beloved church building, where I can participate in corporate worship and enjoy the energy generated by people of like mind and spirit.

Wait a minute. Didn’t Christ die for me to feel free from whatever ungodly circumstance with which I might be confronted? Didn’t the Apostle Paul fervently serve Christ even within the walls of a roman prison? Does my being home tomorrow prevent me from feeling the greatest sense of freedom any person can experience? Didn’t Christ die so that I might be free from all the damaged goods the world wants to offer me? Doesn’t the word of God tell me that I should worship Christ in Spirit and truth, and that where I am should have nothing to do with the freedom and liberty that only God can provide?

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I will not allow my traditional theology to take place of my God-given spiritual freedom tomorrow morning. I will experience a sense of resurrection tomorrow morning; a sense that although my body will be contained within the four walls of my home, my spirit will know the freedom Christ has given me. I will enjoy the height of worship, assigning worth and value to Christ in as much praise as if I were in my beloved church building. I’m living eternal life now, at home, and no virus can change that.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be to.

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