Reflections from past Januarys

Hosea with second cousins


My primary avenue, as it is with most bloggers, is to observe and write about personal observations. My handle, “Old and Blessed” makes it clear, at least I hope so, that being blessed to be at my age is an awesome thing. Nineteen years ago, I didn’t expect to be here, but God has decided that I should be. I’ve been looking back at some of my Facebook posts from past Januarys. I think many of them look bloggable. Let’s give it a try. Here goes:

January 3, 2019
Human history is replete with shining moments which shout to us that hope must not be discarded. The sacrifice of our Lord and Savior is preeminent among them all. Reflect and find reasons to keep the faith…

Kids at piano

January 3, 2019
I’m just sitting here, thinking about 2018. I lost my mom, and there were other losses, too. However, I was blessed to have had all the folks I lost. Furthermore, God blessed me in so many ways. There’s a little rain inside…

January 3, 2017
I was watching an episode of the Tavis Smiley Show recently, where he was interviewing Bonnie Raitt. Their conversation drifted into aging. Tavis made a comment that resonated with me, “Aging is cool.” He said it because he’s more comfortable with himself now, and happier than he’s been at any age prior to now. That got me thinking about my own age. Although I’m dealing with cancer, not as vibrant and physically flexible as I was in earlier years, my aging process has been cool. I am comfortable with this space on the chronological map. Thank God for aging and the growth that comes with it.

January 3, 2017
I can’t think of anything too much more powerful than self-conviction (motivated by the word of God). Once I, you, everyone is aware of their own sin, judging others becomes a dirty little practice of the past. You realize that when you judge others, you’re in that mix, too. Our job is to love, as Jesus loves.

January 1, 2018
It’s 9:22 and I’m tired. We had our annual New Year’s Day family gathering. This is something we’ve been doing for some thirty years. We invite many relatives over from both sides of our family, eat, talk and have fun for a few hours. The cooking starts the night before and usually ends an hour or so before everyone starts to arrive at 1:00.

This gives us some quality time to visit with family we don’t make the opportunity to visit during the year. It’s also a wonderful time to collectively count our blessings, and to thank God for all He’s done, and is doing in our lives.

This is great way to start the new year!

chris and hosea in dashikis


I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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