Our inner voice: are we alone?

Inner voice three

Have you ever heard someone say: He made me do it? Or have you ever said it yourself? When you made this utterance, there was no gun pointed in your direction, with an accompanying threat to life and limb, if compliance was not quick. Someone might have said something that didn’t sit well with you. Rather than ignoring the irritating comment, you chose to birth an argument that went far beyond any level for which you felt comfortable. Not wanting to accept any blame for what occurred, you succumbed to the voice in your head that convinced you this would not have happened had she not made you do it.

Our inner voices are experts at convinces us of what to say, what to believe, how to act in any set of circumstances. As I write this piece, my voice is chatting away convincing me of what words to use and how to place them in some understandable order for you to receive what I’m attempting to say. Our inner voices are our motivators, consolers, indictors, guilt trippers, and more. If there are dark spirits about, attacking us from all sides, and I believe that there are, they spend most of their time coaching our inner voice about what to tell us. Fortunately, it’s not just the dark spirits, but the spirits of light and joy at work, too. Depending on what circumstances are present at any given time, we tap into the dark or the light spirits. If we feel good about ourselves and we have a healthy attitude about all things around and within, the spirits of light are predominant in our lives. I hail from the Judeo/Christian tradition; therefore, the dark spirit I contend with is Satan and the light Spirit is the triune God Himself (Father, Son and the Holy Spirit). However, I’m convinced that whether you follow a religious tradition or not, you have an inner voice, and it’s influenced by good and bad.

children's inner voices

We live in a time when inner voices are being influenced by all manner of outside forces. How often do we hear news reports of folks being radicalized by one terrorist group or another? Whenever I hear this sort of report, I wonder what the inner voice of the person who commits some atrocity was saying at the time he committed some heinous act against an innocent group. We don’t come into the world with prerecorded inner voices. They are programmed, and continually being voiced over by others and ourselves. How we act and react (to circumstances) is influenced by the inner voice that chats away silently in our heads.

Gd as inner voice

As I survey the landscape of public discourse these days, I’m convinced that there’s heated competition from various sources to program our inner voices. Some cries from these sources are healthy, and they offer healthy boosts to the character of our inner voices. Contrarily, there are voices of darkness, dishonesty, voices of deceit and narcissism bent on disrupting the general welfare of things for their own benefit. How we nurture our inner voices is important. What are you listening to? A good sign of what you are can be found in how you behave. One of my favorite Michael Jackson songs was, “The Man in the Mirror.” Is it about time many of us look, and adjust our inner voice? Doesn’t society deserve us having better conversations with ourselves?

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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