Democracy works as it’s meant to?

Here is something I wrote November 8, 2016, the day after the presidential election. I’m just now posting it. As you read it, think about how you feel, and whether your opinion has changed since then.

We live in a country called the United States of America. Is this a perfect country? No. There are some things this country stands for: freedom, liberty, justice and a few more lauded principles that are often connected to something called inalienable rights. These principles come late in the game for some, and there are some who feel they never arrive. However, these principles are etched prominently in the documents that sat this country on the road to better. This road has experienced better during my years on the shared journey. I’ve gone from worse to better; better than what my parents and grandparents experienced, and I’m hopeful that my children and grandchildren will experience even better.

There was a presidential election that took place yesterday in our country, our United States of America. The result of this election was cause for celebration for many and mourning for many more. Today we see protests from the losing side, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. That side was in utter shock that such a thing could happen. That side couldn’t fathom how the electorate could choose such a candidate for service in the loftiest position of leadership in the so-called free world. Acceptance, by that side, of the outcome will be a hard row to hoe, if they ever do accept it. But, accept it they must, for what happened is how it’s supposed to work.

Yes, what happened yesterday is a perfect example of how the democratic process is supposed to work. Or, is it? It worked that way because so many who didn’t want the outcome that we got chose to stay away from the polls. They chose to do something else. They chose to not exercise their right to participate in a democratic process that has been bought and paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of countless Americans and in some cases, non-Americans who have gone on long before us all.

The democratic process isn’t perfect, but it works as it should. Some would argue with that assertion. They might say my side won the popular vote. But they must realize there’s this thing called the Electoral College, which, for me eradicates all notions of us living in a democracy. In a true democracy, the popular vote would have allowed the one who walked away with the most votes to claim victory. It’s November 8, 2016, a somber day in America, for some. Just remember, one great thing about America is we’re given a chance to fix things. We can begin to do that by coming out in good numbers and voting our choice every two years. Yes, that’s right, two years. Important national elections take place every two years. If you don’t like who occupies the White House, you can begin the process of putting the brakes on that person’s political power by changing the landscape elsewhere.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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