Do you really wonder why we take so many drugs?

I’ve got an ingrown toe nail. Don’t worry, they’ve got a drug for that. My feet are just not large enough. Don’t worry, there’s a drug for that. I’m getting a bit age challenged, and my libido just isn’t what it used to be. Well, you know they’ve had a drug for that for several years now. I just finished reading the morning newspaper and there was a piece in the op-ed page about vaping. Being the ancient one that I am, I hadn’t heard a lot about this new-fangled thing done by teenagers until recently. Apparently, they’re even doing it in school. It involves sucking chemically charged vapor from a contraption that looks like a flash drive. For those of you who are more blessed and older than I, a flash drive is a data storage device that’s inserted into a computer. Many of the young folks are behaving under the assumption that this is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. You see, the vapor is charged with nicotine, along with some other chemicals.

The op-ed, to which I referred above, mentions that the jury is still out on whether the vapor these young folks are taking drags on is harmful to their health. Lately we’ve seen a national uproar over the use of opioids. Huge numbers of Americans are being prescribed these powerful drugs by their physicians, while others are coming by them through illegitimate routes. Addiction and loss of life have reached epidemic proportions, and the government is responding in efforts to do something. Our president has been heard making comments about responding with the harshest of penalties against drug pushers. There seems to be a national attitude of disgust, fear and need to do something about this trend that’s taking the lives of far too many.

Have you noticed when you turn on your TV that within the first few minutes you’ve been bombarded with commercials about drugs? There seems to be this mind-set that we’ve all been herded into thinking there’s a drug for everything that might be wrong in our entitled American lives. Self-discipline is not required to correct many of the health problems we might have. Don’t’ worry your head about eating right, exercising, or doing any of those boring things our bodies are made to positively respond to naturally. All you must do is relax, take it easy and take a pill, or some elixir that has a fancy name. The names seem so darn cool that they must work. Have you noticed how the names of these cures-for-all-that-ails-you seem to not be descriptive of their purpose? They all sound like they were named by way of some public naming contest, resulting in the winner receiving a Hawaiian vacation.

And we wonder why there’s a drug problem in our country. Do you think it might be because we demand a drug for everything? Isn’t one of the most powerful tenets of our capitalist society supply and demand? If the “de man” or (women) wants it, there’s always some money-driven opportunist waiting around some corner willing and able to supply? Isn’t it true that whatever state we find ourselves, we drove ourselves to that point? Free will fueled by a little enticement can sometimes be a bummer.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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