We’re all broken from the start

My wife and I have two children that we had together and a third from my first marriage. I remember when I first laid eyes on each of these precious gifts from God. The godly construction each of them represented before me was a sight that held no imperfections, at least that’s what it appeared to be. My emotions kicked into high gear, and I thought each of these little bundles was perfect in my sight. In retrospect, I know better. From a biblical perspective they were broken. Unless you understand the nature of each of us at birth, you might think I’m being cruel, assigning a quality of imperfection to three wonderful babies, who exhibited no physical abnormalities early in life. Let me explain.

There is a scripture in the Bible, Romans 3:23, that tells us that we are all have sinned and that we fall short of the glory of God. How is it that all of us have sinned? At time of birth, each of us is an inheritor of what’s called a sin nature. Since each of us is descended from Adam and Eve, and they are given credit for committing the first human sin, each of us inherited that nature at birth. If you consider sin as a disease, you can imagine how a beautiful little child might contract a horrible blood disease in the womb of her parent. Sickle Cell Anemia for example, when each parent has the disease, the offspring has no chance of escaping the horrors of the dreaded disease. Each of us has no chance of escaping the malady of having a sin nature, and possessing a proclivity for sinning. Even our best of intentions to not sin will result in sinning. Spiritually speaking, we’re all broken from the start.

We all need a savior. As John 3:16 proclaims, God gave His only begotten Son, (Jesus) as a sacrifice for all sinners. There had to be a perfect blood sacrifice made that was powerful enough to blot out the sins of all us broken folks. Jesus was that sacrifice; however, each of us must accept Him as our personal sacrifice, our personal savoir, our personal Lord. That act will give us access to Heaven for sure, but in the interim, it gives us access to the powerful and positive influence of the Holy Spirit in out lives. The Holy Spirit fills in those cracks in our brokenness and allows us to function as complete (in Christ). When we’re complete in Christ, we can do as Philippians 4;13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The idea here being that, as a believer in Jesus Christ, we will not want to live our lives outside of then will of God. When we live within the will of God, we will have a desire to do all things as He want us to.

Yes, we’re all broken from the start, but we don’t have to stay that way.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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