We don’t stand still

I was sitting in church recently, listening to my pastor render one of his thought-provoking sermons. He made a statement that really did cause my gray matter to churn. He said none of us stands still; we are constantly moving forward. I assigned implications to that, in that we move forward whether we wish to or not. There’s an old saying that says, “time flies when you’re having fun.” I’ve added to that saying by saying that “time flies whether you’re having fun or not.”

On a micro level, all things that we can’t see are moving, even the molecules on what are perceived to be hard surfaces. Nothing stands still. Movement is a universal truth. We cannot choose to not move. Even as we lie worn out and next to lifeless on the couch from fatigue. We’re still moving. We live on a planet that’s part of a solar system, that’s part of a galaxy that’s moving.

Much of the movement, which has affected our lives to this point, has been involuntary. There was movement that brought us into this world. There have been countless actions by others that have brought us to the point we find ourselves today. Time itself moves forward and carries us along with it. I’m here today, but I was there yesterday. I’m distinctly different in appearance than I was ten years ago.

Some of the most frustrating conversations I’ve had have been with my children. God knows I love them; however, one of them hasn’t quite grasped the concept of moving forward with some degree of intentionality. Our existence is God-given, and our purpose, ideally, should be influenced by God’s intent for our existence. If we defer our purpose for being too much to outside influences, such as the latest styles, the desires of the group, or following the advice of others, who have no inkling of what Godly influence looks like, we are setting ourselves up for frustration. We’re allowing someone else to move us forward like pawns on a chess board. I’ve seen many young people frustrated with their lot in life. They’re not wise to the fact that they have made one bad decision after another; however, time moves forward, not waiting on them to wise up.

Sometimes, it seems as much as we try to keep up with this universal movement, we fall short. There are occurrences in our lives that set us back, slow us down, causing us to lose moment. The death of a loved one, loss of a job, a devastating natural disaster that destroys our abode are some examples that slow us down.

Though we are moved by conditions that are all around us, we should contribute to this movement by making wise decisions. Our lot is ours, given to us by God. We need to take ownership for as mush as we can.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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