Missing out When You Have a Chronic Illness (Part 1)

I keenly remember when I was in my twenties, running five miles a day and saying to myself that I would keep running until I was well into my eighties. Well, life changes and I was stricken with Multiple Myeloma at forty-nine. The deleterious effects of the disease and the treatments have resulted in me having a hip replacement, making it impossible for me to run as I did years ago. I often watch other runners on the roadside, in the park and other venues, feeling a bit disappointed; however, God blessed me with another activity which has worked just as well as running to strengthened my cardio vascular operations, bicycling.

Shortly after I went into remission, over seventeen years ago, I started riding a bicycle and I haven’t looked back. The latter part of last year, I was determined to be in relapse. The conditioning I’ve experience through the years has made it easier for me to undergo the treatments I’m now taking. God has even blessed me to have what’s known as a an “athlete’s heart”, resulting in me having a heart rate that’ s far below the normal sixty rates per minute. Mine is in the forty-eight to fifty beats per minute range. God is using me as a witness to the mighty power He possesses to heal and redirect activities I’m no longer able to perform. This blog fits my life so perfectly. I’m reblogging it, praying that others will read it and realize God always has something in store for each of us to be actively engage in witnessing His holy name.

Chronically Constant

Missing out When You Have a Chronic Illness Part 1 Cover

Last week a lot of the students in my youth group went to New York City on a service trip. They got to minister to the homeless and share the gospel with people who need Jesus. I, on the other hand, spent most of my week in bed. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. My Chronic illnesses frequently cause me to miss out on things my healthy peers are doing. Honestly, missing out on so many things is the absolute HARDEST part of my chronic illness. Everyone around me seems so energetic and active, while I often feel like I am not able to do much at all. I’m sure that everyone living with chronic pain and/or chronic illness has felt like this at least once. I know firsthand how difficult and saddening it is to miss out due to my illnesses, but as a Christian I…

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