Still, Small Voice (& the Birth of a New Year)

That still, small voice shouts quietly. Don’t you hear her?

Soul Kindling

Happy (almost) New Year, friends! As I’ve considered the dawning of 2017, my deep desire is for the gap between my written words and my actions to narrow. Of course, this is easier written than done! Regardless, I decided to sit down, listen to the still, small voice [I call her Spirit] and write what I heard as a guide for my upcoming year. I believe I will return to these words throughout 2017 as a gentle reminder. May it bless you and/or prompt you to listen to the still, small voice within and write your own guide for the upcoming year.



Do you hear?

A crisp year freshly birthed is calling!

Giggling, this newborn bubbles, “Laugh with me!”

Wide awake, this spry start gazes, “Open your eyes.”

Hungry, this infant year hums, “Feed me health.”

Crying, this bold life wails, “Wrap me close and sway.”

Sleepy, this tranquil…

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