Living in a black and white world


Oh what it would be like to live in a black and white world like Beaver and his brother Wally. This would be a world where the drama of color wouldn’t interfere with the fairytale flavor of any event. There would be no death, no poverty, nothing that in anyway resembled the harsh realities of the world of 2016. We would all be white, or at the most some shade of gray. We would live in a pristine house, on a tree-lined street, or better still a cul-de-sac with nicely manicured yards bordering the circled curb. There would be no harsh language used ever, and the thought of such ugly things as child abuse and domestic discord would be unthinkable.

This black and white world would see families consisting of 2.5 kids, with moms dressed impeccably each day, as day went about pushing vacuum cleaners around the house, cleaning toilets and washing windows. Or, do they do such chores in a black and white world? Dads in this world are seen each day leaving for work at the office, dressed to the nines, carrying a brief case, as they get into the latest model vehicle black and white money could buy. The kids would leave the house each day, with spotless jeans and tops, hankering to get to school where bullying is at a minimum. There would be no fights on the school yard and the teachers would receive more respect than any human being could stand. At the end of the day, the entire family would sit in their fine black and white dining room eating meatloaf and mashed potatoes, lovingly prepared by their fashionably dressed mom, who still looks as fresh as she did before the hustle of the day began. Dad sits at the head of the table, officiating as he should. The entire clan is joyfully discussing their experiences of the day, and there is more joy and harmony to be had each and every day.

Aww, the black and white world has no civil unrest. Everyone is of the same religious faith; you know the one, the one that really counts. Homogeneity is the key to tranquility that exists in the black and white world. Diversity doesn’t cloud things in the black and white world. Occasionally, subtle gray tones cause a bit of confusion, but that’s manageable, since there is not the stark contrast that would come with color. Even the occasional ethnic minority who might enter the mix doesn’t create discord, because no one can really tell what they are, since there are only varying shades of gray. Furthermore, minorities are so few and far between it doesn’t really matter.

If only we could have a politician who could take us back to the black and white world of years gone by, their political success would be assured. Isn’t the black and white world the kind of world God would have for us all? Or, would God want a world of color, with various hues, and bountiful diversity, the way He made it? Doing things the way God intended, now that’s a novel idea isn’t it?

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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