You’re really a human: Made in the image of God

You’re a racist, a bigot, a sexist, a misogynist, and whatever else I can think of to paint the most negative picture I can of you. These seem to be the terms that are being bandied about from one political camp to the other during this political campaign season. I, for one, have grown sick of the entire affair. You can call me old fashion, if you’d like, but I am interested in the issues that affect the welfare of the country, my neighbor and me. Candidates acting like children on the school yard playground have about a much appeal to me as a root canal.

Whenever I hear one derogatory name being thrown after the other by our presidential candidates, I get the feel that I’m not being taken seriously. Do they really think I can easily sink to a level of intelligence where my mind ceases to function, and I’m driven primarily by emotions? Well, maybe not me, but there does seem to be segments of our national community that have had its appetite whetted by these childish shenanigans.

One of the best, and yes, also the worst things about living in a free society is that freedom works for all. I have the right to speak and act in as positive a way as I can muster, and you have the right to project yourself in a counter fashion; of course, you don’t have the right to visit harm upon my being. Although your behavior may indicate otherwise, you were made in the image of God just like me. Yes, you are human, though at times I fail to see that attribute I your character. When that happens, it’s my responsibility to act even more human-like. God loves us all, and it’s the responsibility of those of us who remembers that to act with human civility in spite of the memory lapse of others.

I’m old and blessed…hope you will be too.

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