Your Life is Amazing

Your life is amazing! We live in a time when adoration and what oftentimes seems worship of others is the norm. The first few months of each year is peppered with one celebrity award show after the other: the Academy Awards, the Grammy’s, the People’s choices awards…the list goes on and on. Last year, I monitored Twitter during the Academy Awards. I noticed every few seconds or so someone was Tweeting about what this celebrity was wearing, or what another one was saying. Why is it we’re so enamored with what others are doing, saying, and being?
At my age, I tend to offer perspectives on just about everything with my age providing the filter for evaluation. One age-prism-bending perspective I often notice is that our young people seem to be the very best at celebrity worship. They have no hesitancy at finding value in observing every action of the latest trending behavior of some actor or singer. Some of this behavior would have resulted in a public outcry fifty or sixty years ago. But, today, the latest outlandishness of some pop singer gets front-page news for several days running. I often wonder if some of this behavior is by design, intended to get more press.
Don’t let me be too critical of our millennial group of celebrities. Have you paid much attention to the campaign for the Presidency lately? Some of these candidates, and I won’t name any, exhibit behavior for which my elementary school teachers would have sent me to the principal’s office. Of course, back then that office visit wouldn’t have resulted in a call to my parents, but a good tenderizing of my behind with a leather strap. (I’m not condoning corporal punishment…just making a point.) The point I’m trying to make is that our society has gone from outrage in response to public figures behavior running amok, to acceptance in far too many cases.
Why do we look for the amazing in someone else? Why is it that someone who’s on the society page, in a movie, on the pop charts with the latest hit song, more amazing than we? The Bible tells us that we’re all “wonderfully made” by God. With that thought in mind, I think we should all reevaluate this notion of celebrity worship. When we worship celebrities, we are oftentimes putting a stamp of approval on behavior that we wouldn’t dare exhibit ourselves. Aren’t we assigning value where it maybe shouldn’t be attributed? Each of us is amazing in our own God-given right. Let’s spend some time and energy on ourselves, developing ourselves to be all that God wants us to be. Your life is amazing…give it some props.

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